Leading to the XIII-ISER, a series of local and global events will be organized to raise funds to host this prestigious meeting in Brazil. With that in mind, the first Pro-ISER Lectures Series was created to provide an opportunity for continued education to equine reproduction veterinarians and to raise funds for the ISER meeting. This first meeting consists of a webinar to be held over two weekends in October and November of 2020.

     On the first day (Oct 23), world-class reproductive veterinarians (Dr. Patrick McCue from Colorado State University and Karen Wolfsdorf from Hagyard Equine Medical Institute) will discuss relevant topics concerning subfertility and high-risk pregnancy in mares. On the second day (Oct 24), two global equine neonatologists from the University of Illinois (Dr. Pam Wilkins) and the Ohio State University (Ramiro Toribio) will be discussing clinical cases commonly encountered in stud farms and referring hospitals.

  The second weekend will be focused on stallion reproduction and assisted reproductive techniques. On November 6thexperts from Texas A&M University (Dickson Varner) and University of Florida (Malgorzata Pozor) will be discussing clinical cases and tools to assess the stallion breeding potential. The final of day of these lectures’ series, Dr. Christine Aurich from Vienna University of Veterinary Sciences will be speaking about semen biotechnology and Dr. Katrin Hinrichs from the University of Pennsylvania will be speaking about how to integrate intra-cytoplasmatic sperm injection, commonly known as ICSI into general equine practice.